Design is Old, but New

The United States was one of the economies that first got the value of design.  In business school, we learned about case study after case study of Proctor and Gamble, General Mills, Rubbermaid, Dow Chemical and many of our Fortune 100 companies.  The care they took in design of products.  At my most recent company, Black Box Network Services, we had no concept of design.  Bring in a low cost, sourced product.  Mark it up, and perhaps add some value along the way.  It was, after all, a black box.

Now that any specific product classification has 10s of black boxes for sale, China and other true manufacturing eco-systems are now realizing the value of design.  China Values Design The Fortune article that reflects China’s new emphasis on design simply validates the Genisis of Steve Day Design.  We believe that color, shape, delivery, sales channel, value and much more can be fine tuned to the consumer.  That the consumer is seeking, desperately, that one product that differentiates itself from the pile of electronics.

It goes beyond the physical product to the software.  Companies are seeking to differentiate their software by identifying the key needs of the customer base and rapidly responding to this.  At this point, one of my clients is looking at the marketplace to sell a service.  We have created a timeline to focus on four direct approaches to market.  Two have failed.  One looks promising.  If this fails, we will try the last approach.  The point being that we are actually looking at alternatives, gathering market feedback, and making decisions on how to approach the market in specifically designed ways.  NONE of the approaches involve simply hiring sales people.  Design is king.

If you have a business that is flatlined or declining, call us.  We will look at how to design a better outcome, or at least several alternatives to where you are at.  This is design … product … promotion … sales.

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