Downhill Snapshot

Downhill represents Steve’s critical thoughts and experiences.  He has served in executive leadership roles in six startups, as well as four Fortune 500 and above companies.  He has also been a functional leader in engineering, strategic planning, marketing, product management and sales.  With this said, Steve has always believed that a specific set of prescribed behaviors and attributes could substantially improve the outcome of startups he was lucky enough to be involved with.  He thought of the Downhill concept as a contrarian perspective from the uphill struggles he personally went through in the startup world.  If followed, Downhill should significantly mitigate some of the largest obstacles that a struggling startup business faces.  Steve’s experiences look at ten significant problem areas, and how to prevent breakdown in these areas.

The goal of this book is to enable a startup to adopt an organization, product and sales design that creates “a purpose built” way of doing business.  Having these lessons learned and implemented will result in a healthy and fast-moving, Downhill organization.

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