Happy Thanksgiving

It has been a bittersweet year.  Most importantly, I want to give thanks for my business colleagues, friends, teammates and clients.  I made a decision in April to pursue my own path, and not waste another minute.  I have now written my first book, Downhill.  My second book is moving forward.

I have started Adovk8, focusing on professional student coaching within local Western PA universities and schools.  I have also designed a set of software tools for academia project management that we use in Advok8.  I LOVE what we are doing at Advok8!  Better GPA and less stress for my student:clients is a rewarding pursuit.

I have continued with growth and strategic initiatives through Steve Day Design.  I have dear friends that have helped provide client contracts and opportunities.  These three evolutions towards being an author, an entrepreneur and a growth & change agent all are exactly where I should be.  I hope to simply say that following your own vision for success is so important.   Unfortunately, I am deeply saddened by the loss of my brother-in-law, Vanu Bose, who passed away a few weeks ago.  We love him and will always honor his legacy.

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