Marketing Echolalia

Marketing Echolalia is the idea that a marketing team is repeating the same thing over and over.  They are repeating what the competitors are saying.  They are repeating what they said in prior promotions.  They are repeating the same thing many times in a single media.

Lets make this personal to really understand.  Your in a group of people.  You say, “I think I am going to see the new Star Wars movie this weekend.”  Sally says, “I am going to also go see the movie.”  Another person says, “My wife and I are going to Orlando for the Holidays.”  Sally says, “I was planning to go to Orlando for the holidays.”  You say, “We are going to draw for gifts in my family this year to keep spending down.”  Sally says, “We are doing the same thing.”  Another person says, “We are going to work at a shelter on Christmas Eve.”  Sally says, “We are also going to work at a shelter.”  The point in this conversation is that at some point Sally becomes annoying.  At some point, others start to question her believably.  Finally, Sally has not added anything to the conversation.

Marketing can be exactly like this, and then companies wonder why the customer does not remember anything about a new product they promoted.  At Steve Day Design, we do a syntax and vocabulary analysis before we construct any product promotion.  It is important that we are not repeating, and that we are actually improving our message.  Our goal in our process is to avoid Marketing Echolalia.

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