MEPPI 5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker saves you $12,000 per unit immediately upon purchase

You cannot afford to not buy my product

We are constantly pushing the idea of selling a product that is too good to be refused.  It begins with design.  MEPPI has created a product that I believe is a game changer.  It is not to say that there are not worries or issues.  But the engineering, the product management and the strategic marketing at MEPPI built a 5 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker that sells itself.

If you buy it, the Total Cost of Ownership for the first year is estimated at a savings of $12,000 over legacy oil circuit breakers.  I have built the TCO models, myself and independently, as part of the sales program we designed.

I look at other potential clients and successful companies.  I see the same thing.  Great engineering and product management that are building products that truly impact the quality of life for their customers.  They are not marginally better.  They are not half finished.  They are the real deal.  It has been great working with MEPPI on this engagement.

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