Sales Program Design

One of the things I look at is the overall design of the sales program, with our clients.  There are a number of organizations that provide marketing services.  There are a number of organizations that provide sales training.  The GAP is in the program itself.  Is the sales team efforts optimized or tuned towards customer buying behaviors and customer needs?  In my own sales and marketing experiences, there were times when all that I could do is put effort into the process.  No network building.  No social media program.  No product presentation.  Just old fashioned get on the phone and start calling people.  What can I say about those experiences.  They were miserable.

At Steve Day Design, I look at the overall process of selling your product.  What can I do to make this better?  Companies don’t recognize when their sales process is broken.  What I look at, when trying to understand a company and its success, is the following:

  1. Are there more “former” sales & marketing associates that “current” sales & marketing associates?  Big red flag!
  2. Does the company have an obvious or stated channel program?  If not, I know it cannot scale.
  3. Is the company thinking vertically?  Meaning has the company identified the market segments and pointed effort towards these verticals?
  4. Does the product sell itself?  If the value proposition is not obvious, then there is a huge problem.  Why did you develop it?
  5. Is there evidence of happy customers?  This is a big one.  If a customer will not or can not provide testimony, then there is a significant problem.

Just saying … If I send you a note, and offer my services, I have already looked at these five questions relative to your business.  The reason Steve Day Design is not a Marketing Agency is that we are focused on results based outcomes.  Sure, I can design a web site or a product brochure … but SDD is about generating sales for your organization.  Call us.

All of this is covered in my book, Downhill:  The Building of Fast Moving and Healthy Startups.

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