Author and Content Developer

White paper, technical content and value proposition development are within our capability to accomplish.  Oftentimes, the marketing organization does not have the technical competency and the engineering organization does not have the time.  In this situation, Steve Day Design (SDD) can be hired to write key copy, provide a third party white papers or deliver a customer facing value proposition.  There are some particular client needs that we focus on:

Global Manufacture Liaison –  for Global companies that are trying to penetrate the North American marketplace and require a very specific point of presence for their products.  I know that many global manufactures have been frustrated by North American channel outlets that do not pay attention to their products.  SDD can provide the content to make the offering look more interesting to the North American market.  Furthermore, SDD can work with language translation partners to handle global presentation of content.

“I have successfully worked with 100s of companies in Asia and Europe bringing product to the US market.”

Marketing Organization Growth Projects –  whereas marketing organizations may be limited in available workforce, technical knowledge or growth skills.  SDD can focus on singular, high probability, growth outcomes.

“My experience growing four $100m outcomes is unique and rare.  In a focused offering, SDD can accomplish positive outcomes for your organization, your product or your project.”


  1. SDD does syntax analysis on portfolio product data sheets, catalogs and branding to ensure the most SEO friendly, consistent, accurate and marketing friendly presentation of products.  The typical eCatalog product presentation can run up to 33% error rates as their products are presented (over time) in channel outlets.
  2. SDD can provide great technical writing for a specific marketing need, where a technologist is need to augment marketing talent.
  3. SDD can design a product launch that we believe will be most successful in getting the product to market.
  4. SDD can also be a one stop shop for companies that are on-traditional (lack marketing resources), but find themselves with products to launch and sell.

CxO vision and strategy development is often not communicated effectively throughout the organization.  More importantly, the strategy development is not effective in the reality of the product, the market and the consumer needs.  Working as an independent strategist, SDD can apply the techniques we have developed to build an effective vision, strategic outcome and recommendation.  This is completed working in a harmonious and collaborative way, while still producing an insightful and creative recommendation.

What I can do is take the vision and strategy; test it over the broad market; and come back with independent validation.  “Is this going to work?”

Design Services

Design services relate to three things.  Organization, Product and Market Sales.  Organization design is a critical analysis of the organization and its environment.  It is an assessment of what is positively promoting growth and what is negatively taking away fro growth.  It is then designing an environment to promote the optimal performance of the organization.

Secondly, it is design of the product.  It is looking at a product that may be unremarkable, or it may be unattractive.  It is looking at a product that is competitively a “me too” product.  How can this product be designed to put it at the top of the competitive “heap.”  What SDD try to accomplish is to provide design recommendations that will increase sales by 200%.

Finally, SDD can look design of the sales process.  With channels and with a global economy, sales has become a very complex matrix of stakeholders that represent the product and services.  Our goal is to fine the most direct route to market and enable it with accurate and effective promotion of the product.  Is the product data in error?  Is the current channel effective, or in need of replacement?  Is the product positioned in a winning way?

Coaching Subscription

Coaching is a subscription that allows us to be involved with your organization on a daily basis without worrying about anything except providing value.  What we will provide is services in organization and marketing advisory and research.

Next Steps…

We are interested in working with our clients on a subscription basis to focus on creative, growth oriented and impact projects.  Our goal is to discuss your need with you an a confidential and exploratory way.  Afterwards, we will provide you with a scope of work and timeline for deliverables.  Our focus is to work with CxO clients and solve a problem.

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