Is the Traditional Sales Model Dead for Technology B-to-B Companies?

I recently read a great article entitled, “Is the Traditional Sales Model Dead for Technology B-to-B Companies?” It is something we wrote about in Downhill, The Building of Healthy and Fast Moving Startups”.  And we are consulting, with great success, in turning around sales PROCESS to achieve high growth … where none existed.

We “almost” guarantee 100% sales improvement.  Why?  Because most of our clients are either not doing the right things or are not doing anything.  That is not a negative.  Many clients have just not had a sales program.  Many clients are saddled with a highly expensive legacy program that they can’t get away from.  I always say it is not where you start, it is where you finish.  I really don’t have an earth shattering program, so it is pretty easy to tell you the highlights:

  1. Eliminate traditional sales behavior and replace it with technology consultancy.
  2. Clean up your digital and media to be consistent, award winning and effective with customer values.
  3. Create customer driven options to buy your products.  Flip the game.
  4. Invest in storybook marketing from the “brand to the basement.”
  5. Celebrate your success with your customers in a public way.

I could write Downhill Volume 2 around these five attributes.  If you can’t do these things, you won’t grow.  As I proclaim this, there are exceptions to any thing.  This is no different.  But, I would say that almost every great technology company from Microsoft/Apple to now has adopted these rules.  These five things are so ingrained in successful technology companies that they don’t think about it anymore.


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