Trump as a President

It provides an incredible conflict for many of us.  Trump or Not?  As a Republican, there are the things he has accomplished.  Appointing conservative Justices and Judges.  Tax cuts for Corporations and the rich.  Flexing our military and attacking our enemies.  Cutting budgets and operations ranging from the United Nations to the Department of Education.  As a Democrat, there are the things he has irreparably damaged.  Destroyed freedom and progress in ethnical and racial rights and freedoms.  Tax increased for small business and middle class.  Dismantling the international crown jewel of democracy that has been built up since WWII in the State Department and our network of International Embassies.

The stuff in the middle like the Tweets really don’t matter.  What we are seeing is an unprecedented attack on the middle.  For years, the middle was the place that politicians and legislative policy focused.  After all, the middle was where most agreement and commonly shared values existed.  Yet now, the middle is a desert.  You either hate or love our government.  If you hate it, it is presumed you are on the left.  If you love it, it is presumed you are on the right.

Yet their are two very specific misconceptions.  First, Evangelical Christians have picked the wrong side.  Guns, military might, wealthy class have NEVER been the virtues that would describe Christianity.  Christianity has and always will be biblicaly oriented towards the poor, sick and less fortunate.  Secondly, blue state big cities are the lifeblood of the country.  While middle America may feel left behind, the migration towards cities has been recognized since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.  Arguably, this began as late as 1860.  It is not new.  And what is lost in all of this is that red states (the middle America) have been left behind long ago.  More importantly, our nation’s political machine has ignored them, with the exception of agriculture subsidies, for 20s of years.  The most puzzling thing is that middle america / agriculture most dire need is low cost labor.  Yet, the Republicans are attacking immigrants that provide that very labor.  Ironically, middle america would not want these jobs if they were offered.  Middle America wants higher paying jobs that were traditionally union, skilled labor and/or professional jobs.  Those only come from STEM type companies moving back into these regions.  The only way that happens is if we adopt to German model (we will manufacture or build anything that no one else wants to build).

In the most succinct way, this presents the problematic political landscape that indicates neither LEFT or RIGHT has the answer.  I would love to here further discussion on this.

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