Steve Day Design produces improved organizations, high growth products and successful marketing campaigns.  I am experienced, educated and passionate about great design of organization, product and performance.  Design is a purposeful word to me.  In most of my Fortune 500 or startup experiences, I would ask a couple of questions when things did not seem right:

  • What I was missing when a launch did not generate interest?
  • What could I do to remedy the performance problems within an organization?
  • Why was there always “the boss” that seemed to deflate all progress?
  • Why was it so clear to the team that we could not progress (yet we would continue to press on)?
  • Why were customers so disinterested in what we had to say?

Conversely, my experiences in great organizations, with good products, and achieving great sales results … was the opposite.

  • Why was the opposite true?
  • Why was I learning so much and forced to elevate my game to remain in a growth oriented organization?
  • Why was I so amazed at how easy success was coming?
  • Where were all the people performance problems?
  • Why was the management so good at their job?
  • Why did we achieve synergies without even looking for them?

SDD believes that this is not accidental.  That good organizations are designed!

SDD Areas of Focus

Furthermore, what has amazed me recently is how two companies can be selling the exact same product with one being successful and one being unsuccessful.  If this is the case, then logically a redesign for a better outcome is possible  What I wanted to do was to create an knowledge-base of great practices (based upon experience, based upon research and based upon examples).  This is the foundation of Steve Day Design.

  • Authoring best practice books on subjects such as startup practices, strategic planning, marketing and sales.
  • Design growth projects for organizations, products and sales programs.
  • Coaching executives and organizations to achieving high growth and turnaround outcomes.

SDD Publications

Authoring is on-going as I will continue to complete a series of publications that I think are worth while.  The current projects and library will contain the following publications:

  1. MAPP – Marketing Analysis and Positioning Plan – this is a process I originally developed around 1991.  It is a strategic planning process that has been successful and results in a detailed market and competitive analysis predicting the success a company (or product) will have, and course corrections that can be made.
  2. Downhill:  The Building of Fast Moving and Healthy Startups – Volume 1 – this is a book that examining ten major organizational opportunities for improvement.
  3. Trigger Marketing – this is a result of 20 years of marketing experience and the idea of building a better approach to a responsive and seamless outcome with the consumer.
  4. Downhill:  The Building of Fast Moving and Healthy Startups – Volume 2 – the rest of the story.

My goal is to use the ideas and processes listed above, whether published or not, to help clients succeed.

I am happy to talk to anyone about a project that they have.  Lets figure out how to create real growth!!!